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Mobile Video Consumers Primed for Advertising


SAN FRANCISCO --June 26, 2007--After another quarter of impressive subscriber growth, mobile video is rapidly becoming a significant new media distribution platform. According to Telephia, the world's largest provider of syndicated consumer research to the telecom and mobile media markets, mobile video revenues in the U.S. totaled $146 million in Q1 2007, growing 198 percent year-over-year (see Table 1). There were 8.4 million mobile video subscribers last quarter with penetration doubling to nearly four percent since Q1 2006.


Table 1: Quarterly Mobile Video Revenue Share, Subscriber Size and Penetration Rate ( U.S. )


Q1 2006

Q1 2007

YOY Growth

Mobile Video Quarterly Revenues (in millions)




# of Subscribers (in millions)




Penetration (as proportion of all mobile subscribers)




Source: Telephia Mobile Video Report, Survey and Bill Panel Analysis, Q1 2007


"Within a very short time, the number of mobile video subscribers has grown to over 8 million, comparable with the average audience size for an episode of The Sopranos this season," said Kanishka Agarwal , vice president of mobile media, Telephia.


"As the world's leading provider of video on the handset, MTV Networks recognizes the vast opportunities at hand for the mobile industry, from the sheer number of handsets out there, to the limitless potential for innovation the technology provides," said Greg Clayman, senior vice president, MTVN Mobile Media. "By cultivating an even deeper understanding of consumer behaviors and usage patterns, the industry will continue to build momentum and meet the growing demand for content on the handset."


Mobile Video Consumers More Receptive to Mobile Advertising

Telephia data shows that mobile video audiences are primed for seeing ads on their phones. Video consumers had the highest recall of viewing ads on their phones as compared to all data service consumers, with 55 percent saying they recalled viewing a mobile ad in the last 30 days (see Table 2). This is nearly three times the recall rate for mobile data consumers in general. Even more promising, forty-one percent of mobile video consumers recently responded in some way to an ad, an encouraging sign for advertisers.

"Consumers are used to seeing commercials on their TV at home, which has created a learned behavior that is transferring to mobile TV and making advertising more acceptable," continued Agarwal. "Nearly half of mobile video users are willing to view ads on their phones in exchange for something, translating into a compelling opportunity for ad-supported mobile content where marketers can target customers with relevant advertising."


Table 2: Mobile Data Consumer Recall Rates for Ads Viewed (U.S)

Consumer Type

Recalled Viewing an Ad

All Data Users


Mobile Video Users


Downloaded Application Users


Mobile Internet Users


Mobile Game Users


Mobile Audio Users


MMS Users


SMS Users


Source: Telephia Mobile Advertising Report, Survey Analysis, Q1 2007


The Telephia Mobile Video Report for Q1 2007 is now available, and combines detailed research into the behavior and attitudes of nearly 1,200 current mobile video users in the US with analysis of video market size and spending patterns collected from Telephia's panel of 35,000 mobile subscribers. For more information about this product, please contact .


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Telephia is the world's largest provider of syndicated consumer research to the telecom and mobile media markets. Telephia is your connection to the digital consumer. Since 1998, executives at service providers, device manufacturers, content providers, and retailers have relied on Telephia data to make confident competitive strategy, marketing and resource allocation decisions. Telephia uses its unique measurement tools and large-scale consumer panels to completely understand the digital consumer's behavior, attitudes and experience.


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